I looked for a trainer for my Aussie for weeks and finally found exactly what I needed in Debbie Thompson. Not only is she an awesome trainer, she is also a very entertaining. My 10 month old puppy has learned a great deal in the short time I have been in her class. I look […]


I cannot express enough the high regard I have for Debbie and her teaching abilities; not only for the dogs, but for their owners as well! Her ability to explain and demonstrate training methods in easy ways to understand and incorporate into our daily routines is amazing. After taking basic puppy training classes I decided […]

Krista & Ellie

Off Leash Dog Training should really be called People Training. Debbie does a great job training people how to get the dog they want. When we adopted our 6 month old 40lb American Stafford/Queensland Heeler mix baby from the shelter (Copper), we knew we wanted someone to help us train “him”. We had 2 private […]

Vince & Cynthia Wagner

I enjoyed the class that Debbie gave. She made it fun and interesting and provided personal attention to each participant which I thought was outstanding. Although my dog slept through a lot of the classes, I still felt it was valuable and appreciated Debbie’s style of training. I still use her methods today and will […]

Dorna Brown President Development Solutions & Services, Inc. 818-424-1114

My fiance and I started looking around for a trainer to help us with our puppy before we even brought her home. The first thing Debbie did was teach our puppy, Penny, not to go out the front door unless she was specifically invited to do so. We were pretty amazed at how easy and […]

Penny, Cj, and Jared

Dakota has been training with Debbie since 4 months old. I highly recommend Debbie to train any puppy or dog. She is Hands on with every dog owner and their pet. Debbie takes time to watch an evaluate every dog she has in her group and their Owners. Debbie is honest and caring. Debbie is […]

D Palmer

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