Vince & Cynthia Wagner

Off Leash Dog Training should really be called People Training. Debbie does a great job training people how to get the dog they want. When we adopted our 6 month old 40lb American Stafford/Queensland Heeler mix baby from the shelter (Copper), we knew we wanted someone to help us train “him”. We had 2 private sessions with Debbie and we went through her 8-week puppy class.
Immediately after each of her private sessions we experienced a great improvement in our rambunctious puppy. We learned how to speak to him to get him to understand what was expected of him and to do it. After we sat and talked while she observed the dogs she started training and in about 15 seconds, she taught our dogs to understand and obey NO.
The first time Cynthia took Cooper for a walk he was pulling on the leash so much that she literally had a hurt shoulder for a week. After Debbie taught us how to walk him we barely had to hold the leash.
We are continually working with him, but so far our 10 month baby, comes when we call him, sits, stays, lays down, stays off the couch or bed until invited, goes “to bed” on command, doesn’t dive into his food bowl until we say it is okay and just tonight he obeyed the down command and did not eat his treat, that was inches from his paws until he was told it was okay.
We also have a 13-year-old cockapoo that we rescued from the shelter when she was 1 ½ years old and after she found her voice years ago, she barked all the time. Debbie helped us get her to stop barking on command too.
Working with Debbie has made us feel so confident that we thought we can be a dog trainer too, weeellll maybe just our dogs. 😊