My business is named Offleash Dog Training because I understand that more owners want their  dogs to be controllable, happy and secure wherever they take them, either to the park or to Grandmas house. . That doesn’t mean that’s all I teach, my skills run from housebreaking to teaching tricks, to walking on a leash, staying at the front door, not barking at strangers in the house, and coming when called. I refer to these as ‘life lessons’ – things all dogs need learn to get by in life and all dog owners need to teach their dogs.

I realize that your dog enriches your life but sometimes you don’t understand each other and things go awry. Or maybe you just want to  help your dog be all he can be. I can guide you through those rough patches of canine and human miscommunication, to help him be the best he can be. I excel in teaching my clients the art of reading their dogs,  and learning training techniques that achieve  harmony in the household.

My goals are simple – to have happy, well informed dog owners with respectful, well balanced dogs. I believe you should be able to take your dog anywhere, in the car, to friends, on a walk, to the vets, working in the front yard with the garage door open, and even to the bank – all with the dog being perfectly, happily obedient.

To achieve ‘ off leash’ working dogs we start with either no leash at all in a safe, enclosed area, or a very loose leash. We teach the dog to pay close attention to what we want, lots of eye contact, lots of play and a ton of happy talk. If the dog doesn’t pay attention he will receive a slight correction to help him understand what is required from him. This is how dogs learn – showing them when they are both right and wrong, then moving forward. Yes, I also teach with food but the dog will learn to respond whether or not the treat is there.

Dogs that run out the door, dash down the street, don’t come when they are called,  jump on people, or  show aggressive behavior have learned many bad habits. Keeping in mind that there is work involved in changing some of these behaviors, the journey is worth it for you the owner – a great dog for a best friend. I call these life lessons because they will stay with your dog the rest of his life, therefore getting them right is imperative.

In my 30 years  experience I have  trained dogs in all types of dog sports, dogs with different temperaments, all sizes and breeds so there is virtually nothing I haven’t come across. I have trained dogs and cats for the studios, teaching them all sorts of fun and interesting tricks. I have many references; people whom I helped restore balance to their lives and their dog’s lives.

I  also help with the other areas of dog ownership – proper nutrition, grooming, going to the vet, pet sitting and new babies in the household.

I come into your home for 6 weeks, one hour a week, teach you and your family new exercises for that week, give you homework, making sure you can repeat my instructions. Your family and dog will grow to understand one another over this period of time and your Great Dog will show himself!  I believe my fees are quite reasonable and affordable. I serve all the Conejo Valley (Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village) and outlying areas. I give all my clients a free 15 minute consultation, this gives us a chance to meet and you can make a decision about hiring me.

I look forward to your call or e-mail so we can help your GOOD dog become a GREAT DOG!