Debbie Thompson is committed to her dog training using methods that are a proven scientific mix of balanced dog training with positive reinforcement
There’s a great dog waiting inside that out-of-control puppy! Let’s go find it!

Have you dreamed of taking your dog everywhere with you?
Camping? Eating at an out door Cafe? Walking quietly at the mall? Going on vacation? Over to your grand children’s house? I can teach you to train your dog to be all you want him to be!

I can empower and teach you how to have confidence in yourself, believing you and your dog can do anything together! Once you realize what an excellent trainer you can become, the rest is easy.

My methods are natural, success based,using positive motivation: the dog is rewarded for all correct behavior, coupled with slight corrections for unwanted behavior. The more  successful a dog is, the more likely he’ll be to repeat the behaviors you want thus Your Best Friend Becomes Your Great Dog!

35 years experience
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Debbie's Work and Services

In Home Problem Solving:
Bolting Out The Front Door
Jumping On People
Excessive Barking
Pulling On The Leash
Group Classes:
Basic Obedience
Puppy Socialization
Advanced Training
Fun Trick Training